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Ceramic Coating Paint Protection | What You Need To Know

Is Ceramic Coating Worth Getting On My Car?

Like most people who’s vehicles are their prized possessions, having it clean and shiny is a necessity and becomes a daily chore. You need your vehicle to look flawless like it did the day you got it. When your aging vehicle starts to lose that new car look and you start to pour a ton of money and time into detailing and other exterior replenishment services just to leave you disappointed, its time to find another solution. Aging paint defects, light scratching and marring are bound to happen at some point, unless you take meticulous care of your car, although that doesn’t usually last long if your car is driven daily, at least for the majority of us (myself being guilty). In any case, our cars tend to get unpleasant marks, chips, and stains that appear on your vehicle’s outer surface. Not only that, water spots, dirt, and grime begin sticking to your car the day after you give it an exhaustive cleaning.
Imagine a scenario where there was an answer that could change this entire issue into a thing of the past; an item that would give protection from the oh so common dangers waiting to strike and also making your car simpler to wash while making each cleaning last longer than before.
Well guess what. There is! It’s known as a Ceramic Paint Coating (or Nano-Ceramic Coating), and it could increase the value of your vehicle as well as enhance its durability and visual appeal.


What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a Ceramic based serum that is applied by hand to the outside of a vehicle after paint correction and other preparation tasks are done. The coating artificially bonds with the vehicle’s paint, making a nano-compound layer of protection.
Ceramic Coating by CQuartz is a top notch wax alternative that has been chemically enhanced to provide a superior molecular protection and appeal. Ceramic Coating makes a lasting bond with a vehicle’s paint that is hydrophobic, and does not wash off or need to be reapplied for quite a long time.

Applying Ceramic Coating to Car

What Does Ceramic Coating Do?

To put it plainly, Ceramic Coating adds extra protection to your car’s outer surface and helps keep it resembling the car when it was new. The coating accomplishes this outcome by making your vehicle’s paint stronger, increases gloss, and makes it simpler to clean. While it does give many advantages, these are the noteworthy ones:



On the likely chance that a vehicle is regularly exposed to the sun, its paint will start to oxidize, bringing about dulled and blurred paint. Once applied, A layer of Nano-Ceramic Coating  helps shields a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s bright beams, in this manner lessening the damage of oxidation.



One of the most noteworthy highlights is that it is hydrophobic, which means it repels water. This protective seal causes water to beed and sheet off more effectively. This implies mud and grime will have a difficult time sticking to your vehicle’s paint. This also means that when you wash your car, dirt and grime can be washed off way easier.



You know when you wax your car, and you get that satisfyingly good gloss? Well now you can recapture that moment, but you will need to apply CQuartz Ceramic Coating. A decent Ceramic Coating upgrades the properties of your car’s paint and clear coat, enhancing the part that gives shine of your paint.


What Does Ceramic Coating NOT Do?

While Ceramic Coating does indeed work wonders, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it can’t actually do. Some of it might be obvious, but you never know these days.  While Nano-Ceramic Coating does offer surface protection, it will not protect against any sort of impact related damage. Even if one has the BEST Nano-Ceramic product applied by the BEST Ceramic Coating Specialist  it does not make a car bulletproof.


Where can I find Ceramic Coating near me?

If you are located in Bucks County, PA than the good news is that we specialize in the preparation and application of Ceramic Coating here at All Pro Detail. We are driving the future of Ceramic Coating and other paint protection alternatives in Newtown, PA and the surrounding region. In the event that you might want to schedule a service, Contact us today for the most updated rates and find out what we can do to improve your vehicle.